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A question I have always wondered is how skills as simple as reading and writing were not known by everyone around the world. How literacy rates were higher in some regions and lower in others. My investigation will focus on illiteracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is the only continent in the world with illiteracy rates above 50% with the exception of Afghanistan. Sub-Saharan Africa in particular includes countries with illiteracy rates that are above 60, 70, and 80%. I would like to investigate why literacy in this region is such a problem, what initiatives they have taken to increase literacy rates, and how those programs are meant to work. I expect my investigation will involve researching the economies of Sub-Saharan countries, the availability of schools, attendance rates of schools in the region, and government spending. I would also like to investigate how illiteracy impedes on the ability of these countries to develop.

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This sounds like a really interesting research topic. I too have wondered why certain regions of the world lag behind while others flourish. Understanding some of the underlying factors that play into illiteracy in Africa could help us challenge our own misconceptions about the different cultures within the region. Often times, there are historical, political reasons for these global trends and I’m excited for you to perform more research on this.

   Dan 11.09.18 @ 10:56 am

This is a much different topic than everyone else’s and I think that your paper has a lot of potential talking about this. It is obviously something that you care a lot about. I think that the sub-saharan region is a great example to work with.

   Jess 11.09.18 @ 2:13 pm

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