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On the spirit of the women’s ongoing fight for their equality, one story must be shed light on. During the World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army spread its terror throughout the world. The soldiers were vicious and unstoppable; they conquered and defeated everything standing their way. Besides their notoriously ferocious attacking method, they were also known for causing other kind of commotions anywhere they set foot on: the rape crime committed by Japanese personnel was extremely high with the instance of the Rape of Nanjing where estimate of 40,000 to 300,000 Chinese civilians were subjected to rape and looting. To prevent the rise of hostility among people in the occupied areas and to prevent the atrocities like the Nanjing event, the military correspondence decided to open comfort stations. Here come the stories of comfort women, who were kidnapped and taken away from their homes, then forced into sexual slavery by Japanese Army in the occupied territories. As I take a closer look, the revelation of the brutal mistreatments, horrendous dehumanization and terrible living conditions that these girls and women had to put up with needs to be brought into the more people’s attention the better. 

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Scarlet–as you think about the history of comfort women, you’ll need to figure out how questions of *literacy* help you to focus this research, and make for an original Scarlet-led contribution. This will strengthen your thinking. So will grounding any broad, situating historical claims in specific, reliable research.

–and your thinking will benefit from your

   Professor Seiler 11.11.18 @ 5:23 pm

I watched a very dark musical about the Korean comfort women. There are clips on youtube. “Comfort women musical, abigail arader”

   lubitt 11.12.18 @ 4:16 pm

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