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Posted by: , November 7, 2018, 4:14 pm
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After reading Nikole Hannah Jones’ stories about African American education problem, I start to think about education problem that Chinese immigrants group is currently facing. The textual analysis of Mother Tongue that I worked on shows how the stereotype that American society puts on Chinese immigrants limits their possibility of live. For example, Amy Tan mentioned that she was steered away from literature and almost walked into engineering area by her teacher and boss. In my investigative essay, I am going to start with talking about Chinese immigration trend and the phenomenon that Asian American group emphasizes education so much. According to the survey, Asian American group has to make the most effort but the least probability of getting into Ivy League school comparing with other minority like Latino and African American. In my essay I am going to explore the reasons behind this problem. Other than that, as increasing number of Asian kids staying in states after years of studying, I would compare the difference of Chinese education system and American education system. The political, economic and cultural reasons supporting these two systems would be interesting to write about as well.

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I really like your connection between Nikole Hannah Jones and Amy Tan’s writings–you’ll have lots of quotes and supporting evidence! The fact about Asian Americans and Ivy League acceptance surprised me (and most likely the American public). Your project is very promising!

   Jacob DeCarli 11.07.18 @ 5:54 pm

This sounds like a great topic and a really interesting one with a lot of personal foundations behind it. The perceptions of Asian minorities in the US are definitely different from other minorities (for example, Nicole Hannah Jones talks about white and Asian parents sending their kids to different schools than Black and Latinx parents). This sounds like an awesome project!

   Meeka 11.08.18 @ 6:45 pm

This sounds like a really cool topic! You can go in so many directions with such an in depth comparison of the schooling systems in different countries. It will be exciting to see where you take your research along with the usage of the very applicable readings from class that you mentioned.

   Meredith 11.11.18 @ 5:25 pm

Jiawen: As your peers’ comments already attest, this is a great topic. Two specific things / terms to which I want to draw your attention:
1. do you know about the current case before the US Supreme Court concerning Asian American students an Harvard admissions, as well as about the complex history of how the case made it to the Court? Hua Hsu has a great article about it in a recent _New Yorker_ magazine. You should check this out!
2. do you know the phrase “model minority?” I think this might help hone your research, as both a concept and a search term.

   Professor Seiler 11.11.18 @ 5:30 pm

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