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For my investigative project I want to focus on the education system in Carlisle Area School District, specifically the ways that we teach children to read and the way that (as little as a year later) they’re selected by teachers for participation in the schools’ gifted programs. I’m focusing on it because I have an interest in the ways that some children get pushed out of higher level academic tracking opportunities in public schools (the fact that your parents can pay for you to be tested is problematic) and the class divides that paid academic opportunities encourage. I’m interested in the process of teaching students how to read because it’s something that I have a personal curiosity in as a result of my own rather negative experiences. My questions on that side of things revolve around how quickly we teach kids to read, when we start leveling them off into higher and lower level reading groups, which schools reach state expectations for reading levels and why/ how.

I want to explore these questions on two different fronts (for the two different main questions). For the CASD-specific questions of how children are selected and why, I’m planning on doing a lot of interviewing with school officials and drawing on my own experience and the experiences of other students who either were in or are in the program. For the ‘how we teach kids to read’ question there’s a much more significant body of academic research that I can pull from before maybe sitting in on classes or interviewing teachers.

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From when I first heard you talk about this a little bit I was struck by how crazy this whole system sounds! I feel like it needs a ton of explanation and I can’t wait to get at least a little bit. This would be a great research project good luck.

   Logan Cort 11.08.18 @ 11:53 am

This is a really interesting topic! It will be so neat to explore the reasoning behind the schoolwide decisions to control what children can learn. It is strange for me to imagine being told in school what I could and could not read, and that mindset of such a structured learning system can be detrimental to many students.

   Meredith 11.11.18 @ 5:22 pm

Julia–we’ve already talked at some length about this fantastic project, so rather than sound like a broken record, please let me: a) echo Meredith and Logan’s enthusiasm; b) encourage you to schedule interviews *soon*, as it is a busy time of year for educators (when isn’t?); and c) see if you can’t find the latest copy of that test, and begin researching *its* history.

   Professor Seiler 11.11.18 @ 5:41 pm

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