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Guiding Questions / Intro
Posted by: , November 18, 2018, 8:01 pm
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Guiding Questions:
– What was the role of the media during the Watergate era? How does that differ from the role of the media today?
– In a time where “fake news” is so relevant, would Woodward and Bernstein be able to accomplish what they had today?
– Are we again living in an era where we should be speculative of the government that leads our nation?
– With little trustworthy sources of information, how do we preserve the truth today?

Living in America during the era of Donald Trump has come to be accompanied with the term “fake news.” While this term in one sense is a title for Facebook clickbait that those unwilling to delve further mistake as truth, it is in another sense a tool thrown around by the executive administration to dissolve anything standing contrary to their success. The media is almost immediately dismissed. A question emerges of how dangerous this suppression is. Are the people losing their defense against potential corruption? Looking back at another era in which leadership was questionable, commonly known as the Watergate era, the role of the media is shown to be essential in the preservation of truth. Today, Woodward and Bernstein would be pushed away from accomplishing what they had. However, their role in the Watergate scandal of representing the people is the quintessence of what makes the media so important. To firmly understand why the American people must defend news outlets and push for the truth, one must reflect on the Watergate scandal and mirror the actions and motives of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

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I really love this project idea and find it fascinating. Especially in todays political climate, media and how the news is presented is so important. I too question the role of the media today and it will be interesting to see how your thoughts develop on this project and how they may or may not coincide with mine.

   Evan Rosenberg 11.19.18 @ 8:41 pm

Jess–I’m with Evan in thinking this project has tremendous promise. I wonder, though, if you might better serve the question of contemporary “relevance” by concentrating intently on the historical event(s) of Watergate and of W+B’s reporting of it. These seem to be your most concrete, grounded starting points for research and argument–follow them!

   Professor Seiler 11.20.18 @ 1:50 pm

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