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Introduction, Guiding Questions, and Thesis
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Guiding Questions:

What role does the media serve in any conflict? How does that translate into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

How important are the words we use to describe current events and portray different sides? Ex: “terrorist” vs. “extremist”.

In what ways do headlines influence a reader? Is the order of information presented important? Is any omission of facts a violation of journalistic integrity?

What is journalistic integrity? What is fair journalism? Bias is inevitable, but how can it be limited?


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the longest enduring modern day conflicts in the entire world. Given its complicated history and the lack of a clear solution, many people view this conflict as hopeless. Generations have tried, and time and time again, have failed to reconcile these two peoples. For those who do not live in the region, the news are the immediate source of information. The media keeps the public informed, educated, and opinionated. This is an immense responsibility: to serve as the bridge between the outside world and the conflict. The media is undoubtedly flawed, with bias playing a major role in the coverage of events that transpire. In a world of conflicting opinions and opposing narratives, where does one seek the truth? The headlines, words, and information presented by the media shapes international opinion on the conflict. Understanding how bias, false reporting, and agenda-based journalism shape public opinion is a vital part of understanding the long-standing Israeli Palestinian conflict.

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Dan, this is a promising project, for sure, and its promise is clearest–and, believe it or not, farthest-reaching–at the points in your questions and draft intro where you really focus in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, rather than panning out to generalizations about conflict and media. To help you continue to specify, I encourage you to reflect on one of the key questions asked of you in seminar yesterday: which media outlet/s will you focus on… and *why*?

   Professor Seiler 11.20.18 @ 2:00 pm

I really like the topic of your paper! It seems like you are passionate about learning more about the impact of the media on such grand scale issues. I think your focus on the significance of ‘headlines’ is interesting because the flashiness and notability of the headlines can influence what articles and such people read and take an interest in.

   Meredith 11.25.18 @ 12:31 pm

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