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Learning to Write
Posted by: , September 4, 2018, 10:44 pm
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Towards the end of my senior year of high school I helped out in a preschool classroom. Every day the teacher had her students write their names out on a piece of paper. As you can imagine, this was easier for some than it was for others. One student in particular struggled considerably. His name was Isaiah Montgomery, which is a name that could be hard for a lot of people to spell, not to mention a three year old who is just learning the alphabet.

The first day that I came to the classroom, Isaiah could write the first two letters of his name before he began to look a little confused and uncertain of what came next.

The days rolled by with Isaiah watching his friends all around him writing their names with ease. Every day he would improve, adding a letter or two before he became stuck once again and just stared at his paper, frowning.

One day, after about a week and a half of this same routine, he sat down on the carpet per usual, picked up his crayon, and started writing. I could see that he was thinking really hard. His face was more focused than normal; I could tell that he was determined to write his full name this time.

Seeing the smile that broke out across his face as he finished his last letter was priceless. It represented the joy of learning something new, and of finally overcoming an obstacle that had seemed impossible to him for so long. From that day on he would write his name proudly, alongside the rest of his classmates. It was a moment that he probably won’t remember in the years to come, but I know I will.