A glimpse of Some of the Major Literary Theories

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Originally developed in the 1950s by Alfred Sauvy, Postcolonialism is the subjugation and oppression of one population of people by another. In Sauvy’s case it was the First World conquering the Third World. This occurs through the physical taking of land but afterwards the cultural changes such as language, art, practices and religion. This change effectively eliminates all knowledge of the previous culture over time and ensures the dominance of another. Colonization makes these efforts seem to be noble and civilizing people who previously were savages. In many cases these people simply had a unique and different culture from the colonizers who did not want to adapt or learn and exploited or abused the native population until they submitted.  Edward Said in 1978 pointed out Orientalism, which stated that those which are not part of a European or American stereotype are part of the “other” world and are inferior and irrational. Postcolonialism looks at those whose cultures have been destroyed or have lost their native identity. They seek to learn from those people and give them a voice so their heritage is not lost with time. Postcolonialism wants to hear the entirety of the story and work to bring a complete history and not one that is simply Western.


La Llegada de Colón es sobre los viajes al Nuevo Mundo de Colón y su descubiertos allí. Todo es por el perspectivo de un colonizador. Describe que todo es bueno y los indígenas son como salvajes y no hay una razón para aprender su cultura o sus derechos. Es necesaria para influir los indios en su cultura hispana. Solamente quiere el oro que los indios tiene y quiere el factor exótico de las personas sin la humanidad que tienen. Colón demonstra que  las personas en los viajes usa su fuerza y tecnología para cambiar todo y no pensar que vamos a perder una cultura y muchas personas. El cuenta explica las problemas con colonialismo y que los colonizados no tiene un voz y la reemplazo de culturas.

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