Day 6: Getting Comfortable

As I finish up my first full week of work, I wonder: how has time flown by so quickly? Every morning I come into the office, greeted by smiling and friendly faces, eager to answer my every question and show me the vast work of Aegis and its RPHE department. In this environment, going into the office doesn’t feel like a chore, but a privilege, something I look forward to every day. Wednesday, May 30th was an especially interesting work day, as I had the opportunity to attend a research conference at Kigali’s Lemigo Hotel.

Attendees of the conference, networking during a coffee break on one of the hotel’s many balconies.

The conference was organized by the Rwandan government’s National Unity Reconciliation Commission (NURC), an agency that promotes healing and prosperity in post-genocide Rwanda, specifically through the sponsoring of research on genocide. Both NGOs and government agencies were invited to attend, expected to discuss their present and future research pursuits. Though the event was in the national language of Kinyarwandan, my co-workers translated the talks for me in English so that I may understand its main goal: establishing an efficient way in which organizations and agencies can communicate their pursuits and findings, improving the effectiveness of national policy.

Representatives of various government agencies and NGOs gather to discuss their research and the ways in which they can collaborate more effectively.

As the only American in attendance, it was a special privilege to see how Rwanda’s research community collaborates and plans for a brighter national future, as well as become aware of Aegis’ coveted role in the process. I can’t wait to see what I learn next week!

Tune in on Friday, June 8th for blog #3. Till then, feel free to browse this digital archive of my adventures in Rwanda:

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