Day 21: The Best Part of the Job

How have I already interned with Aegis twenty-one days??? I only have eleven days left, which is difficult to cope with.

Now you may be thinking, “Awww Liz loves being in Rwanda so much and isn’t ready to go back to the U.S.” And you’d be PARTIALLY right. Though Rwanda itself is amazing, what I’m really sad about leaving behind are the people I’ve met here, specifically my amazing co-workers.

The ladies I work closest with (from left to right): Jessica, Estelle, and Agnes

Internship experiences vary on desires of both the intern and the people in their workplace. Whether your experience will be work-centric or network-centric is completely up to the collaboration of these two parties. Very enjoyable for me, the Research, Policy & Higher Education (RPHE) unit of Aegis is very dedicated to relationship building, as well as working on interesting and ground-breaking projects. Throughout my twenty-one days so far, my co-workers have been warm and open, making sure I am comfortable both in and outside the office.

Estelle, Agnes and I dance with Jessica and her son Yuhi during his 1st birthday party

Building relationships with each of them has been a central part of my experience in Rwanda. They introduce me to their favorite eateries and social hang-outs, help me understand the local lifestyle, and engage me in intellectually stimulating conversations that cover any and every topic one could think of. Without their kindness and inclusivity, I believe my time working for Aegis would be much different.

Celebrating Agnes’ birthday at one of her favorite restaurants.

These lovely ladies inspire me not only to be passionate in the workplace, but passionate about embracing Rwandan life. As community is central to this lifestyle, I can’t thank them enough for helping me find one in such a short time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend; I myself will be seeing the gorillas in Uganda 🙂 Tune in next Friday, June 29th to read my 6th blog! Till then, feel free to browse this digital archive of my adventures in Rwanda:

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