Our Mission

Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment

The mission of the Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment has several goals:

  • Expand the capacity of faculty to teach and lead programming about Asia and the environment
  • Expand ties between East Asian Studies and other departments and disciplines
  • Build and maintain infrastructure to effectively teach about these subjects
  • Expose students to connections between the study of Asia and environmental concerns across all levels of their undergraduate careers.

To achieve these objectives, Dickinson College’s plans include

  • Continuing the model developed in our Exploration Grant of offering courses in Asia co-taught by faculty from East Asian Studies and other science and social science departments
  • Organizing research colloquia for faculty and interested students, and to include a film series, visiting speakers, and short residencies for scholars who focus on Asian environmental issues
  • Establishing a two year post-doctoral teaching fellowship for a natural scientist with field experience in Asia
  • Incentivising the development of new courses or new modules within courses with an Asian focus through course reassignments and course development grants
  • Encouraging field-based Asian language learning through environmental activities on-site at the College Organic Farm and other places on campus

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