The Research Continues

This week, like many other weeks, was filled with research. There have been quite a few projects that have come into our office where we have had to find quite a bit of information and fast. In my opinion, it makes it that much more exciting to do the research when you are under a time crunch. It exhilarating to find that one thing you’ve spent so much time looking for and you’re the one to find it.

We’ve been looking into bans on single-use plastic around the world. A group of us interns even created a map to put on our website in order to show different cities, counties, and countries that have or are working towards bans on plastic bags and plastic straws. It’s been a lot of work. But to be able to go onto the Earth Day’s website and see your work up and have it published with your name is very rewarding.

It really seems as though things are coming to an end here. Many interns are beginning to leave and I’ve only just now realized after this week I only have two more weeks here at my internship. It’s been a great experience. And I’m really excited as we are moving forward and finding ways with our supervisors to bring Earth Day Network with us to school, or in my case, with me abroad. Stay tuned to find out what we have planned for our time ahead and as we make our way back to our college campuses. Until next time.

Research Filled

While here at Earth Day Network, a lot of my work is research oriented, it seemed this week our research sky-rocketed. The President of our organization had the opportunity to write an opinion piece for USA Today about the plastic bans that have been taken place across the globe. Unfortunately, we found out that meant we had to divide up the world into regions and as separate groups we had about 4 hours to research all the plastic bans, and specifically the bans on straws, across the globe. My group focused on North and South America. So, not only did we have to look into countries, but also the different cities within the United States. There were three of us researching this for 4 hours. We divided the west coast, mid-west, and east coast in order to look at plastic bans in the cities in the US. And then we divided provinces of Canada and each chose specific countries of Central and South America. It was a very hectic time, especially because we had about 3 different groups of us dividing the whole world and making sure that we were all formatting the information we had found, in the same way.

It was kind of exciting though. Every once in a while working here we find ourselves in a position where we have to work hard and act fast. When that happens the whole office gets very chaotic and wild, but I absolutely love it! I love the hustle and bustle atmosphere and the idea of having a deadline very soon. We do a lot of research here, but not many of our research projects have deadlines, so when things get crazy with deadlines coming up it automatically becomes very exciting. I really enjoyed it and honestly hope it happens again soon. Well, until next time fellow bloggers!

A Busy Week

I know a little late with this post, and I greatly apologize for that. However, I have a good reason! It was a crazy week in the office with the Fourth of July. Being that everyone tends to use single-use plastic for everything they do on this holiday, we tried to make it speak out against that idea and challenge the public to go plastic-free on the Fourth. I personally was able to take part in this movement by writing a blog post for Earth Day Network in order to help them encourage the public to go plastic free for the day.

Here’s the link to what I wrote:

Now we are in the process of continuing this battle against single-use plastics. We are working on looking into countries and cities who have banned single-use plastics, but more specifically straws. It’s a very busy time of year, and banning straws is becoming more and more popular throughout the  world. It’s a very exciting time in the office when another city announces there ban. And there are just more to come. Until next time.