Research Filled

While here at Earth Day Network, a lot of my work is research oriented, it seemed this week our research sky-rocketed. The President of our organization had the opportunity to write an opinion piece for USA Today about the plastic bans that have been taken place across the globe. Unfortunately, we found out that meant we had to divide up the world into regions and as separate groups we had about 4 hours to research all the plastic bans, and specifically the bans on straws, across the globe. My group focused on North and South America. So, not only did we have to look into countries, but also the different cities within the United States. There were three of us researching this for 4 hours. We divided the west coast, mid-west, and east coast in order to look at plastic bans in the cities in the US. And then we divided provinces of Canada and each chose specific countries of Central and South America. It was a very hectic time, especially because we had about 3 different groups of us dividing the whole world and making sure that we were all formatting the information we had found, in the same way.

It was kind of exciting though. Every once in a while working here we find ourselves in a position where we have to work hard and act fast. When that happens the whole office gets very chaotic and wild, but I absolutely love it! I love the hustle and bustle atmosphere and the idea of having a deadline very soon. We do a lot of research here, but not many of our research projects have deadlines, so when things get crazy with deadlines coming up it automatically becomes very exciting. I really enjoyed it and honestly hope it happens again soon. Well, until next time fellow bloggers!

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