Sustainability – Dickinson in Málaga

Biosphere without borders


One of Dickinson College’s main tenets is sustainability.  However, the environment does not end at the edge of campus, nor in the outskirts of Carlisle.  The world is linked through the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere.  Thus, a narrow approach to sustainability is erases a large portion of the picture.  As a new effort to expand our sustainability worldview, this blog will explore the presence and culture of environmentalism in Málaga.  Through the sharing of research and experience, hopefully we can further our conversations about conservation and learn from one another.

Dickinson College and the Universidad de Málaga (UMA) have cultivated a relationship of cultural and linguistic exchange since 1985, when Dickinson offered its first full-year study abroad program in Málaga, Spain.  Now, students can participate in full-year, semester, or summer programs during which they take classes in language, history, art, culture, or any subject of their choosing.  Dickinson students have access to the same courses, resources, and events as the more than 50,000 other students at UMA.  Likewise, each year a few UMA students have the opportunity to study and teach at Dickinson.  The Málaga program places a strong emphasis on immersion; students stay in homestays and often hold internships, volunteer, and otherwise engage in the Málaga community.