All students (both Business Track and Spanish Track) enrolled in the program must take four (4) courses each semester, plus the Malaga Colloquium, for a total of 4.5 Dickinson credits (4 credits in the Spring for Academic Year students). Students may not under-enroll under any circumstances. Students wishing to take more than the required courses, must receive permission to overload from the Resident Director, their academic advisor(s) at Dickinson, and the Center for Global Study and Engagement. If permission is not requested or not given, the course credit will not transfer.

Students will take the DELE language placement test upon their arrival, in August or January and be placed in the appropriate Language and Grammar courses. These courses will run for four to five weeks and meet every day for four hours each day.

*All students are required to take Spanish 251: Spanish for Academic Contexts in Malaga, Spanish 253: Malaga Colloquium, and Spanish 372: Spanish Society and Culture during their first semester (fall or spring). These classes are taught at the Centro Internacional de Español

SPAN 251: Spanish for Academic Contexts in Malaga – An advanced and in-depth study of grammatical structures to prepare students for the demands of Spanish university classes, with a focus on achieving the necessary command of the language according to DELE standards. Students will learn some of the intricacies, complexities and subtleties of Spanish grammar through personalized instruction, oral presentations and written analysis of diverse texts. These will include cultural texts, literature, art, current affairs, politics, etc. This is an intensive, four- or five- week pre-semester required course, which includes weekly exams in addition to other specific assignments.

SPAN 253: Malaga Colloquium – This is a half credit course that addresses challenges that students face in course work taken at the Universidad de Málaga. Students will learn in detail about expectations for student work in Spanish universities, will present to Dickinson peers research related to their university courses, and will also participate in mentor and/or tutoring sessions that will focus on their university work. The course will include readings on study and research skills, as well as Spanish university culture.

SPAN 372: Spanish Society and Culture – This course is an in-depth study of several aspects of Spanish cultural traditions and values. Contrasts Andalusian culture with other peninsular cultures. Oral and written reports concerning cultural aspects of life in Malaga. Local field trips and interviews are an important part of the course.