Hampstead: Our future home (once we make those millions)

Marianh: Today was another day off, but we made sure to not suffer from museum withdrawal. We visited 3 today.

We enjoyed the Florence Nightingale museum. Right?

Brie: It was alright. It was good. It was what it was.

Marianh: Quite. It had stethoscopes for an audio guide. Ingenious, but they hurt our ears. But we learned some stuff about the Crimean War and the horrible conditions of medical aid the soldiers received there. Thank goodness Nightingale decided that putting hospitals over sewage tanks was a bad idea. And that changing of the bed sheets now and then made sense.

Then we went to Freud’s House. Which he lived in one year before his death. We had fun there too. There were lots of examples of Freud’s interpretations of dreams. Very fascinating stuff. Brie and I have very different backgrounds approaching Freud, so we had some interesting conversations about psychoanalysis in the hours afterwards.

Brie: It was like a culmination of all my childhood. I’ve been raised in the shadow of psychoanalytical theory.

Marianh: And how does that make you feel?

Brie: I found it really surprising the way he used language. He interpreted the dreams so that the content fit in the bounds of translation.

Marianh: Example, a woman free associated the flower, violets, with violate. Violate = viol in French = rape. Ergo, the woman is fearful of rape. Interesting stuff…

The Freud Museum was in Hampstead, the neighborhood of our previous pub walk. Since we love Hampstead, we planned the whole day around the area. We went to get tea after Freud. The atmosphere was pretty adorable and very English at the Burgh House Buttery. The Burgh House was our third museum (a very small one that detailed the history of our Hampstead). For tea time, I got an orange and lavender cake, with English breakfast tea. Brie got a fruit scone with clotted cream and jam, and Earl Grey. We loved it. We also felt pretty ill afterwards because that is just a little too much goodness for the afternoon.

So we took a walk in the Heath. It’s a lovely park. We didn’t remotely feel like we were in the city.

Brie: Oh yes, so transcendental.

Marianh: See the upcoming gallery of photos for the amount of inspiration we felt about the Heath.  And then we stopped at the Holly Bush, a very old pub for a drink.  It was a great way to end the afternoon. We are having a quiet night now, a small dinner followed by some homework and journaling. This week will be jam packed with day trips and more museums. But we are ready to begin again!

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  1. Carol Ann Coyle says:

    Sometimes a pickle is just a pickle…
    Love you and love hearing your news!

  2. Elaine says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time your having. I enjoy reading the blog posts! Hope school, when it starts will be equally exciting.

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