Leaving my mark

As I approach my last week in this summer internship, one very interesting thought has crossed my mind. Interns aren’t necessarily known for leaving their mark, stereotypically they’re remembered for spilling a coffee on the boss or their speedy staple skills. But I hate to think that after 10 weeks of dedicated work at this internship I wouldn’t leave some sort of positive, influential memory.

So far this summer I have attended meetings, worked with other departments, gone out to outreach programs, and volunteered with school tours. I love variety and was able to gain a full understanding of the museum structure and mission through all my activities. So I guess my mark would be that I am up for anything, that I can tackle any job and learn from any department.

But I also pride myself on my attitude, and work very hard to make sure I am a positive and energetic part of the team every day, either with other employees, interns or museum visitors. So maybe my mark would be that I was always positive and upbeat, and an eager volunteer.

Still, one of the things I am most proud of this summer was working with my supervisor, other interns and the marketing team to put together 3 different brochures and worksheets that would be presented to visitors or schools. It was so rewarding knowing that I worked on something substantial that would help push the museum’s mission out into the community. So maybe this work, and these products, will be my mark.

But the more I thought about all of these things, the more I realized that I did leave a mark, and the museum left a mark on me. I grew incredibly close to all of the people I worked with, and I helped as much as I could. I am obviously now a valued and appreciated member of the team, and I know that these people will remember me positively. At the same time, I have learned so much this summer, and both the people I met and the things I did will undoubtedly impact me as I move forward into my future. Leaving marks can go both ways, and I think I managed to achieve both during my time here, and that means the world to me.

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