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Filter Holder and Filter Pack

The filter holder and filter pack are used to filter certain light spectrum to create colored lighting for filming or photography purposes.


Light Reflector

The Media Center has large reflectors available. These are most useful for reflecting sunlight for filming or photography.


Light kit

Light kits is used for photography and filming when strong exposure is needed. It includes two umbrellas, light bulbs and tripods. Check out a light kit with your camera in order to get that professional studio shot.


LED Light Kit

Our LED light kits come with two lights and tripods, and are used in filming or photography when strong lighting is needed. These will allow you to get more professional and better lit shots.


Maps, IMovie

Take a look at the new maps feature in iMovie 09 that lets you create travel maps and 3D globes to use in your video productions

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Editing Basics, iMovie

Learn all of the different ways you can edit clips in iMovie 09. You can select a portion of the clip, trim the ends, split a clip, use the clip trimmer and the precision editor.

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NCAA titles

Titles in IMovie

Learn the ins-and-outs of titles in iMovie 09, which include title overlays, in-between clip titles, lower thirds, and more.

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Adding Cut-Aways, iMovie

How to add a cut-away in iMovie 09. You can splice in an image to appear in the middle of a video clip with the audio continuing uninterrupted.

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Audio Technica ATH M

Layering Audio, iMovie

Learn how to create layers of audio in iMovie 09 and to adjust the volume of each layer and add sound effects to your iMovie projects.

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Picture-In-Picture, IMovie

Learn how to use the new Picture-In-Picture function in iMovie 09 to overlay video or a photo on top of your main video

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