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New Equipment in the Media Center

We have a couple additions to the inventory here at the Media Center. For starters, we have two new fantastic XY Mic Video Camera that are great for shooting videos and getting great audio too. We also have more LUMIX Digital Still Cameras now, we previously only had one but now our supply is up to five! For more details please check out the equipment section of this blog.




XY Mic Video Camera

The XY Mic Video Camera is similar to the Flip cameras that are frequently used by students, but with far superior audio. So if you’re planning on shooting a video that has a strong emphasis on sound, this might be the one for you. We have two Q3HD Zooms available now, so come check them out.


Dual Input Source Cable

These dual-input cables are for use with our SDHC cameras.


Dolly and Track

For anyone interested in shooting a scene with a steady base to move a camera, we have a dolly to mount a tripod and camera as well as a good 10+ feet of PVC pipe to slide it alone and keep a smooth moving shot.

Way Audio Splitter

Three-Way Audio Splitter

Whether you’re working on a big recording project or simply want to share the track you’re listening to with friends, an Audio Splitter will go a long way in making that easy and comfortable for all of you. This 3 Way Audio Splitter will let you share any sound with up to two other people at the same time.

Mac Audio Adapter

Mac Audio Adapter

If you’re in the middle of an audio project and you’re working on it on a Mac computer that doesn’t have a line in or microphone port, well here’s the adapter for you. It connects via USB and allows you to record via both line in and mic.

VGA Cables

VGA Cables

There are many electronic equipments that requires a VGA cable in order to display image, computer monitors, television, projector, etc. We have several available for checkout.



The Dolly is used for greater image stabilization when shooting panning or moving video. If you want to have a more dynamic video product, using the dolly will help to produce a nice clean look, especially with one of our nifty tripods on it.

Smart Airliner

Wireless Smart Slates

Smart Airliner

Our wireless smart slates can be used to draw diagrams or write notes on the fly. With wireless capability they can be used with a computer as you move about, and can be coupled with a data projector for presentation.


Walcom Graphic Pad

If you are a Photoshop lover and graphic designer then you’re sure to have heard the name of Walcom before. This is a fantastic graphic pad for anyone doing digital illustration or any sort of digital art works.

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