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GorillaPod Mini Tripods

Our GorillaPod mini tripods are small and convenient to use on a table and are fully articulated, allowing them to achieve a variety of angles and setups that a normal tripod just wouldn’t be able to. The GorillaPods are available in two sizes, the size pictured above and a mobile size that is convenient to use with some of our smaller cameras.


Apple Video Adapters

The Media Center has a variety of Apple adapters for connecting Apple MacBooks to various displays, such as TVs and other video monitors, including VGA, DVI and HDMI connections. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter was designed to allow Mac Pro (with ATI X1900 XT), MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 users to connect the DVI port to an S-video or Composite video device such as TVs, VCRs or overhead projectors with S-Video or RCA (Composite) connectors. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter is designed to work with the DVI port on the Mac Pro (with ATI X1900 XT) MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 systems only.


Ghostly Special Effects

John demonstrates an easy way of creating an out-of-body special effect.

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Sped-Up Background Effect

John demonstrates how to evoke “calm in a chaotic world” with this easy effect.

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Split Screen

Issac talks about the split-screen effect: what it is and how it works. There is also a quick demo on how to perform a split screen edit in Final Cut Pro.

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Basic Effects: Crossfades, Layering & Cropping

We show you how to pull off two basic special effects using cross dissolves, overlays, cropping and layers. Both the Star Trek effect and the Multiplicity effect use these techniques to create very impressive looking tricks for your videos.

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Simple Special Effects

We show you how to pull off three simple special effects using just the camera and the subject’s reaction to sell the illusion. Learn how to make realistic looking rain for your video shoots, speed up the background of your videos and how to shoot during the day and make it look like the night.

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Stop Motion Light Painting

How to create stop motion animation, using stills with light painting. Learn the step by step process to mastering this special effect.

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How to Make Your Video Look Like Film

How to give video a film look using 24p and editing techniques to achieve the look of film.

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How to Composite Video for Inserting Backgrounds in Sets

Learn how to composite video so your characters can seamlessly move in front of images inserted into your sets.

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