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Logitech Orbit AF


Webcams which can be connected to computers via USB are available both for checkout and installed in the various workstations at the Media Center. These cameras are easily configurable and useful for video conferencing.

Logitech Orbit AF

LaCie Hard Drive TB

Hard Drives

We have external hard drives available for check out. There are both terabyte and 500 gigabyte drives available. These can be useful when moving large files or large groups of files around campus. LaCie Hard Drive 1TB


Walcom Graphic Pad

If you are a Photoshop lover and graphic designer then you’re sure to have heard the name of Walcom before. This is a fantastic graphic pad for anyone doing digital illustration or any sort of digital art works.


USB Card Reader

The Delkin All in One Universal Car Reader can let you transfer any content stored on any form of card storage devices to a computer via USB.

The FlashGO card reader lets you connect a digital camera memory (SD) card and upload the photos to any computer with a USB port and compatible software.


Transcription Pedal

Transcription pedal can connect to your PC or Mac via USB to control the playback of dictation. The pedals allow you to start and stop the audio without moving your hands from your keyboard, allowing for faster audio transcription  We also have transcription software available in the Media Center.

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