Final Day at the Office!

Today is my final in the office at Premier Sport Psychology!

This week has been yet again pretty busy. This morning, I came in for the pre-hours meeting on the organizational alignment project. At this point, we have finalized all the constructs we want to include in the assessment and have just begun creating the questions to evaluate those areas. This project has a taught me a ton about not only the content of the project (leadership effectiveness, relationship management, organization identity, etc.) but also about how a group goes about tackling a substantial project like this. It takes an organized approach and effective teamwork to get a project like this done successfully.

I got a few other new, last minute projects to work on before finishing up. One of them is doing some research on marathon and ultramarathon running, and specifically determining how to get through “the wall.” One of our providers is giving a presentation to first-time marathon runners and would like to get the most up-to-date research.

I also did a lot of work this week trying to troubleshoot some of the issues we were having with Qualtrics. A mentioned in a previous post, we have been working on creating a questionnaire for athletes and then providing them with a customized report containing our assessment of their answers, what they mean, and what we recommend to do work on in the future. The challenge that I have tried to tackle is figuring out how we can create that report automatically within Qualtrics. The platform is generally pretty user-friendly, but we have had to jump through a lot of hoops to figure out how to do what we would like. As a backup plan, I researched and identified a few other platforms that seem to be able to do what we would like as well.

While this is my last day in the office, I will continue to work on a couple remaining projects for Premier during the next week. Specifically, I will work on a second article for our website director, John. These content articles are hugely effective in our website relevance, so I wanted to create one more piece of writing that contribute. I also will continue working on this organization alignment, mostly creating more questions for the 50+ concepts we are attempting to assess.

Final Week!

This will be my final week at Premier Sport Psychology. I have a lot of projects up in the air that I’m finalizing and handing in to my supervisors. This morning, I just finished and sent off my analysis of Second Round and Undrafted Free Agents productivity in the NBA over their first two seasons. This information will be used to provide support for the effectiveness of their draft-prospect analysis that they do for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  With time and more data, the results will become a lot more telling of what is truly going on with these players’ performance outcomes.

I also handed in a document of about 100 sample questions that the company can use to better assess the prospects on the various measures. They are constantly improving their method and product, and this is one way that they asked me to contribute to that progress. This project has really taught me a lot about assessment in general and about the process of creating questions aimed at a number of different concepts.

Transition Week!

This week at Premier has been pretty hectic. For one, as myself and the other three interns I’ve been working with this summer are wrapping up our time here, a new group of interns has come in. This has presented a really valuable opportunity to lead and teach the new interns about what we’ve been doing here and our ongoing projects. So far, we’ve presented to them our social media plan which we’d like them to continue throughout the rest of the summer. We’ve already seen a spike in website visits since our social media campaign has begun, so that has been really encouraging.

We have also all worked together this week to finish the leadership workshop that will go along with a product that Premier sells. Having seven of us working on the workshop at the same time has been really productive and has allowed us to get it done a lot faster than I anticipated.

The other thing I’ve been working on this week is helping out with the two-day presentation for the Minnesota Wild development camp. Today, we worked to do a little qualitative analysis of the responses that we got from the first day of the presentation yesterday. We sorted through and identified the most major themes that came up in the session. Here’s a photo of the first stage of our process:


Holiday Week!

This was an extremely busy week for our intern group despite the holiday on Wednesday. We have been working hard to create a second social media platform for one of the products that Premier Sport Psychology offers to their clients. The biggest challenge we’ve seen has been recruiting the following that we already built up for the official business’s platform, over to the newest product’s page.

Additionally, I’ve just finished my work on a report generation that an athlete would receive after taking an assessment of their coping skills. The firm is working on creating this report so that they can offer it to coaches who would then have their players take the assessment. The goal is to become more aware of one’s coping skills and their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Another project that I have been working on this week is creating a leadership workshop geared toward middle school/high school athletes. The process of creating this workshop has taught me a lot about leadership theory itself but also about how to create engaging and valuable workshops for athletes. It has also led me to reflect upon the good and bad leaders that I’ve experienced throughout my career and think more in-depth about what made them successful.

On another note, I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity to travel across the country for this internship. I’ve been exposed to so many different people, cultures, and experiences, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Dickinson’s assistance. Thanks to the funding of the Internship Grant Program, I’ve been able to explore Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and many other areas in the state during these beautiful summer months. The time I’ve had out here has really helped me to reflect on my experiences at Dickinson and think more clearly about my future career and personal goals.

Halfway Through!

At the halfway point in my internship here at Premier, I’m very happy with how everything is going! Early in the week, I got to interview one of the employees to pick his brain about a number of topics, including leadership, the future of sports psychology, and how to separate myself as a candidate in the field. He spoke about how he believes effective leaders foster a group to succeed through their emotional intelligence and guidance, not so much authoritarianism and refusing to be challenged. Further, he felt that active self-reflection and understanding of my personal “why” or purpose would be the most helpful things to focus on in order to develop my leadership skills.

Finally, this week I was able to finish up a statistical analysis report. I was so thankful that I had taken my Psych 202 class, because without that knowledge I would have had not been able to complete this project for my supervisor.

Week 3 at Premier!

For my work this week, I wrote a long article about performance anxiety, where it comes from, and how to overcome it. It was largely based off the book Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To, by University of Chicago Cognitive Psychologist Sian Beilock. My article will be published at some point in next few weeks at

Another interesting part of my internship this week was taking a first attempt at writing an imagery script for an athlete preparing for competition. Through the process, I learned a lot about how important it is to incorporate all the sensory information available so that it is as detailed of an imagined scene as possible. The more detailed the image in the athlete’s mind is, the more prepared they will be when they are actually in the moment in competition. I was able to make one script for athletes in general, and another for a basketball player in specific.

Presentation and MatterBox Event!

This week was busy at Premier Sport Psychology! Our two teams of interns created and presented our Community Outreach Project proposals to some of the staff members. My team’s project consisted of hosting a free workshop to athletes in underprivileged areas of the Twin Cities. We wanted to spread some sports psychology knowledge and performance strategies to deserving athletes who may not be able to pay for Premier’s services typically.

Another exciting event this week was the whole office’s participation in a charity event hosted by the organization MatterBox! Our team competed with about 20 other companies that reside in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. MatterBox is a Non-profit group that provides necessary funds/food/facilities for deserving populations all over the US and the world. In this event, the Summer Harvest for Kids, the goal of the competition was to pack 50 healthy snack-packs as quickly as possible. Each team competed head to head with one other team and the winners moved on. Our team won our first 2 rounds before we were eliminated. In all, the organization raised over $282,500! All in all, we had a great time giving back to the community and it was a great way to get to know some of my co-workers on a more personal level outside of the office.



Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I am very fortunate to be an intern this summer at Premier Sport Psychology in Minneapolis, MN. The firm provides sport psychology counseling, mental health counseling, leadership counseling, and creative solutions to private individual clients, large university athletic departments, business leaders, and professional sports organizations at the highest level. The company has been rapidly growing and is constantly expanding their client base. The company culture is extremely strong, which is no surprise considering they advise other teams and businesses on how to improve their culture.

The office in Edina, MN.

My job at premier is very multifaceted. I have a few projects I am working on throughout my time here, including a Community Outreach Project, a leadership workshop for college student-athletes, and adding a module of my own to their Premier Mindset Program. Additionally, I and the other interns will be writing multiple blog posts for them to post throughout the rest of the year and we will be upgrading their social media presence. The other three interns also come from all over the country, including Colorado, southern Minnesota, and Ohio. All of them are collegiate athletes and offer a distinct perspective, which has been incredibly interesting to hear.

In this first week, I have already been lucky enough to contribute to a developing project here at Premier. I did not realize until after the meeting that the employee leading the project was a two-time medalist in the 2016 Summer Olympics! I feel incredibly lucky to be here and be able to absorb all of the knowledge and advice that permeates the office. Of course, I am so thankful for the generosity of the Internship Grant that has allowed me to be here this summer. With it, I feel that I have an advantage over many of my peers in terms of graduate school admissions as well as future employment options.