Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I am very fortunate to be anĀ intern this summer at Premier Sport Psychology in Minneapolis, MN. The firm provides sport psychology counseling, mental health counseling, leadership counseling, and creative solutions to private individual clients, large university athletic departments, business leaders, and professional sports organizations at the highest level. The company has been rapidly growing and is constantly expanding their client base. The company culture is extremely strong, which is no surprise considering they advise other teams and businesses on how to improve their culture.

The office in Edina, MN.

My job at premier is very multifaceted. I have a few projects I am working on throughout my time here, including a Community Outreach Project, a leadership workshop for college student-athletes, and adding a module of my own to their Premier Mindset Program. Additionally, I and the other interns will be writing multiple blog posts for them to post throughout the rest of the year and we will be upgrading their social media presence. The other three interns also come from all over the country, including Colorado, southern Minnesota, and Ohio. All of them are collegiate athletes and offer a distinct perspective, which has been incredibly interesting to hear.

In this first week, I have already been lucky enough to contribute to a developing project here at Premier. I did not realize until after the meeting that the employee leading the project was a two-time medalist in the 2016 Summer Olympics! I feel incredibly lucky to be here and be able to absorb all of the knowledge and advice that permeates the office. Of course, I am so thankful for the generosity of the Internship Grant that has allowed me to be here this summer. With it, I feel that I have an advantage over many of my peers in terms of graduate school admissions as well as future employment options.

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