Presentation and MatterBox Event!

This week was busy at Premier Sport Psychology! Our two teams of interns created and presented our Community Outreach Project proposals to some of the staff members. My team’s project consisted of hosting a free workshop to athletes in underprivileged areas of the Twin Cities. We wanted to spread some sports psychology knowledge and performance strategies to deserving athletes who may not be able to pay for Premier’s services typically.

Another exciting event this week was the whole office’s participation in a charity event hosted by the organization MatterBox! Our team competed with about 20 other companies that reside in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. MatterBox is a Non-profit group that provides necessary funds/food/facilities for deserving populations all over the US and the world. In┬áthis event, the Summer Harvest for Kids, the goal of the competition was to pack 50 healthy snack-packs as quickly as possible. Each team competed head to head with one other team and the winners moved on. Our team won our first 2 rounds before we were eliminated. In all, the organization raised over $282,500! All in all, we had a great time giving back to the community and it was a great way to get to know some of my co-workers on a more personal level outside of the office.


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