Transition Week!

This week at Premier has been pretty hectic. For one, as myself and the other three interns I’ve been working with this summer are wrapping up our time here, a new group of interns has come in. This has presented a really valuable opportunity to lead and teach the new interns about what we’ve been doing here and our ongoing projects. So far, we’ve presented to them our social media plan which we’d like them to continue throughout the rest of the summer. We’ve already seen a spike in website visits since our social media campaign has begun, so that has been really encouraging.

We have also all worked together this week to finish the leadership workshop that will go along with a product that Premier sells. Having seven of us working on the workshop at the same time has been really productive and has allowed us to get it done a lot faster than I anticipated.

The other thing I’ve been working on this week is helping out with the two-day presentation for the Minnesota Wild development camp. Today, we worked to do a little qualitative analysis of the responses that we got from the first day of the presentation yesterday. We sorted through and identified the most major themes that came up in the session. Here’s a photo of the first stage of our process:


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