Final Week!

This will be my final week at Premier Sport Psychology. I have a lot of projects up in the air that I’m finalizing and handing in to my supervisors. This morning, I just finished and sent off my analysis of Second Round and Undrafted Free Agents productivity in the NBA over their first two seasons. This information will be used to provide support for the effectiveness of their draft-prospect analysis that they do for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  With time and more data, the results will become a lot more telling of what is truly going on with these players’ performance outcomes.

I also handed in a document of about 100 sample questions that the company can use to better assess the prospects on the various measures. They are constantly improving their method and product, and this is one way that they asked me to contribute to that progress. This project has really taught me a lot about assessment in general and about the process of creating questions aimed at a number of different concepts.

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