Final Day at the Office!

Today is my final in the office at Premier Sport Psychology!

This week has been yet again pretty busy. This morning, I came in for the pre-hours meeting on the organizational alignment project. At this point, we have finalized all the constructs we want to include in the assessment and have just begun creating the questions to evaluate those areas. This project has a taught me a ton about not only the content of the project (leadership effectiveness, relationship management, organization identity, etc.) but also about how a group goes about tackling a substantial project like this. It takes an organized approach and effective teamwork to get a project like this done successfully.

I got a few other new, last minute projects to work on before finishing up. One of them is doing some research on marathon and ultramarathon running, and specifically determining how to get through “the wall.” One of our providers is giving a presentation to first-time marathon runners and would like to get the most up-to-date research.

I also did a lot of work this week trying to troubleshoot some of the issues we were having with Qualtrics. A mentioned in a previous post, we have been working on creating a questionnaire for athletes and then providing them with a customized report containing our assessment of their answers, what they mean, and what we recommend to do work on in the future. The challenge that I have tried to tackle is figuring out how we can create that report automatically within Qualtrics. The platform is generally pretty user-friendly, but we have had to jump through a lot of hoops to figure out how to do what we would like. As a backup plan, I researched and identified a few other platforms that seem to be able to do what we would like as well.

While this is my last day in the office, I will continue to work on a couple remaining projects for Premier during the next week. Specifically, I will work on a second article for our website director, John. These content articles are hugely effective in our website relevance, so I wanted to create one more piece of writing that contribute. I also will continue working on this organization alignment, mostly creating more questions for the 50+ concepts we are attempting to assess.

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