NJ Lt. Governor’s Agri-Business Tour

The Lt. Governor of NJ, Kim¬†Guadagno is currently touring Agri-businesses across the state of NJ. On Wednesday the Department of Agriculture along with the ¬†Lt. Governor’s office went on a tour of Comarco products in Camden, NJ. Comarco products specializes in food processing, and have been located in New Jersey since is founding in 1978. During our time there I was able to sit in on a meeting and hear about some challenges that are facing Comarco, and other businesses all around NJ.

What was especially cool was that one of the issues discussed in the meeting overlapped with a project I did for a course at Dickinson. It is always great to be able to apply something you learned in class to a real life experience. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything else due to privacy issues.

Following the meeting the took us on a tour of the premises. I was fascinated by how hard their workforce was working, and how efficiently the plant ran. What I found to be most interesting about the employees is that 86% of them reside in the Camden area. It was hard not to notice the cohesiveness around the plant. For me this is a result of a message resonated from the top down.

The highlight of the day was definitely being able to meet the Lt. Governor. She was so nice and well spoken, it was truly an honor. Below I have posted 2 pictures taken of me at the event. Also, I am providing a link to Comarco’s website.



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