Microcosm Yearbook

The Microcosm Yearbook is the official yearbook of Dickinson College, and has been recording Dickinson’s history since 1890. Our staff proudly extends an invitation to help us continue this time-honored tradition and to preserve your college memories by purchasing your yearbook today!

The Microcosm is an annual publication that seeks to capture the memories of each school year. Each senior has the opportunity to appear in the yearbook by having his or her senior portrait taken throughout the year. In addition to seniors, the book includes campus events, student life, athletics, academics, student groups, and congratulatory advertisements. The Microcosm is defined by its unique incorporation of the entire Dickinson community. The publication serves as not only a time capsule for the year at Dickinson College, but also as a memento of your collegiate career.

Email Microcosm at: cosm@dickinson.edu

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