Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last chance I can purchase my Microcosm yearbook?
All yearbook orders must be placed by May 31, 2013.

How can I purchase the Microcosm yearbook?
We accept credit card and PayPal payment. You can place an order by following the instructions on our order page. Seniors only may purchase their books at the Dickinson bookstore.

Do seniors have to pay for the yearbook?
Yes, seniors do have to pay for the yearbook, but they receive a senior-only price of $55 at the bookstore.

When and where will I receive my yearbook?
The books are shipped directly from our publisher to your home/permanent address in the fall.

How can I purchase past editions of the Microcosm?
Copies from several past years are available at the bookstore, but supplies are limited. Contact us at to get information on which editions are still available for purchase.

Where is your office?
We are located in the basement media suite of Davidson-Wilson with the square.

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