Uruguayan Parliament approves law for free in vitro fertilization and surrogacy


This article discusses some of the ethical issues about womb renting that we discussed in class. It also brings up issues with homosexual couples using the service to start a family. The issues that many people have with in vitro fertilization and surrogacy are a good example of meddlesome preferences. It has little to no effect on others whether a couple uses procedures to start a family or not. The article also discusses some of the economic issues behind the new law because the government is funding some of the options that the women have. It was interesting to read about the arguments posed by both sides of the issue in a different country.

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  1. weinstem Said,

    December 13, 2013 @ 1:02 am

    In our discussion of economical ethics, we touched on the issue of renting wombs. I feel as though this issue adds a political influence to this discussion, which I find unnecessary. This is an example of meddlesome economics due to the fact that this is a personal economic choice for a lot of women. By publicizing it through economics, it makes a personal choice legal, but challenges the viewpoint of a large sum of women nationwide.

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