Frackenomics: “Fracking’s Achilles’ Heel”

Firstly, I would like to thank my friend Kyle Klose for presenting me with this article. Well-written and informative, definitely worth the read regardless of which side you support with this issue.

This article, while having a little bit less of an economic focus than my previously posted article, it raises an important question to ponder: What is ethical relationship between being economically successful and the health and safety issues associated with cost-cutting, or cost-saving measures? In this case, is it ethical to continue fracking for natural gas, even if it means leaking methane into ground water supplies? For me, it is an obvious, but difficult choice. Yes, I want to see safer practices and better methods of extracting energy sources, but I also think that we should focus on better energy sources like solar and wind. At the same time I am able to see and understand the other side of the story, fracking provides natural gas to thousands of people who need it to heat their houses  and without it they would need a less-clean method of heating their house, or just wouldn’t be able to heat their houses. I agree with the author, Joe Nocera, that the battle should not be about the actual energy sources anymore, but rather should focus on making the sources we are already utilizing safer and better for the environment that they already are. Tough decision, but an interesting debate. Thoughts?


ALSO: I don’t know if someone has already claimed the term “frackenomics,” but if not, IT’S MINE.

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