The Increasing Demand of Quinoa

Name of Article: Quinoa’s Global Success Creates Quandary at Home

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This article illustrates the economic concept of supply and demand. New York Times writers Romero and Shahriari discuss how in the past several years, quinoa transitioned from an easily accessible staple food for Bolivians into a highly internationally demanded export. This article discusses essentially how prior to the twenty-first century Bolivians were consuming quinoa easily and with frequency, similarly to how many consume bread or rice. However with the health kick that has swept the United States in the past decade, the demand for quinoa by Americans has increased drastically causing the price of the grain to “triple” and as a result making it unaffordable for many Bolivians.



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  1. Sophia Nee Said,

    October 25, 2015 @ 12:19 am

    This is very interesting and shows the cons of international trade which we don’t see very much. At the same time that the demand curve moves down and to the right, which is good for the overall economy, Bolivians are suffering bc of it. This demonstrates how taste can truly affect the quantity demanded

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