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Apple Pencils are in short supply, going for $500 on eBay

Apple Inc. ‘s new product, Apple pencil is popular among people. However, the supply of the pencils are limited. As the demand is huge and still increasing and the supply didn’t change. The price of Apple pencil went on to $500 on eBay while the price on is only $99 but people need to wait for few weeks to get the pencils.

This is the phenomena of shortage in the market. However, it is possible that Apple Inc. made this properly to grab more curiosity from the public.


UK house prices set to rise further as demand outstrips supply

The article asserted that the price of housing are expected to rise in 2016 due to the increasing demand of housing.

Although the housing price is high in UK, but the value of the housing attract more consumers. That’s the reason why the price of housing keep rising since last autumn.

The expected housing price in will continuing rising in 2017. However,the OBR said changes to taxes paid by landlords added uncertainty to its predictions.