Fears Over Zika Drive Demand for Mosquito-Repellent Products



Usually, in February, the demand for mosquito-repellents is low. The reason is that because of cold weather, there are less mosquitos.However, this time the expectations (fear of Zika virus) drove the demand up. For some companies, as Invisaband, the increasing demand led to the shortage of mosquito repellents. The company cannot increase supply because its manufacture in China is closed and will not open until mid-February. The producer is only expecting to order twice more product (increase the supply)when the manufacture is opened.

(The article also includes video about the increase in demand for mosquito repellents )


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  1. wenx Said,

    November 23, 2016 @ 2:41 pm

    Great example in the demonstration of demand and supply. I want to add to your blog about short run and long run. In the short run, the company experiences a shortage because the “one of the factors of production is fixed”, which is the manufacturer in China is closed and therefore the quantities supplied is fixed . In the long run, however, Invisaband, can supply more quantity of mosquito repellents to the market because “all factor of production can be varied”. The company can supply more to the market because it will have time to order more from the manufacturer in China.

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