Are You Actually Getting A Good Deal or Getting Ripped Off?

Online shopping has always been the best option for people especially me. It limits waiting in lines, avoiding rude customers and customer service while everything is just a click away. However, CBS, conducted a test that illustrated price discrimination online! Online shopping is not on our side as we once thought. Price Discrimination is when there are different prices listed for the same product, but the prices change depending on the situation. CBS’s research discovered based on someone’s computer, online search history, and zip code online retailers use this information to figure prices discrimination. Northeastern University conducted a study that demonstrated how nine out of sixteen online retailers and travel websites use this method to increase their profits.

One example of Price Discrimination is Home Depot. A man was offered free home delivery for a tree he paid $399, but CBS producers in Boston and Minneapolis found the same exact tree for $438. Home Depot then admit that in some cases based on a person’s region where they log on will determine their price.

One tip: always use multiple computers or phones to order something for the best price.

I-Team: You May Be Paying More Than Others When Shopping Online


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