E-reader Market In Relation To The Rise of Apps and iPads



An E-reader is an appealing good because it gives consumers the opportunity to gain access to numerous e-books and there are even other features such as free samples of novels, the ability to highlight quotations, and some e-readers are able to even lend out books among users. The biggest competitive advantage regarding E-readers would have to be its usefulness – it is very portable and allows consumers to have the access to countless books. However, in actuality they only need to carry one “book” (the E-reader) around with them, which is not only far easier, but also more sustainable.  It is worth noting the undeniable influence that technological innovation has had in this market; for example, some consumers do not technically own a traditional E-reader, but use their Ipads (or tablets) to download virtual eBooks. E-readers can appeal to people from all ages and backgrounds since reading is a timeless activity and can serve many purposes ranging from educational to enjoyment. E-readers are not necessarily cheap, but the goal is to be able to invest in one for at least several years.

There has also been the entry of more substitute products, such as the Kobo and Ipad minis. These specific substitute products also illustrate a decrease in prices since they are both cheaper alternatives than previous models (Kobo is a cheaper alternative to Amazon’s Kindle, while Ipad minis are cheaper and more portable than Ipads); therefore, the demand of the E-reader market goes down.

It is necessary to note apps’ dominance in the technology industry; in fact, Apple’s App Store now offers over 225,000 apps for sale. This is actually detrimental to the demand for E-reader devices (even including Ipads) because now consumers are less willing to invest in purchasing these types of products, since they could just easily download apps on their smartphones where they can utilize virtual eBooks. Ultimately, the most influential shock to this market was the apps because it changed the way people access eBooks because now they do not even always see a need to purchase an E-reader device, or even an Ipad, anymore.


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