Lost jobs may never return.

labor and unemployment is a hot button topic in the United States. An article in the Wall street journal discuss the results of factory job loss in the United States. Could the Jobs that we have already lost be brought back? Labor markets are a case of supply and demand. When the price of labor rises companies lose profit as they must pay more for the same amount of labor. Companies have only a few options then, reduce the number of workers in their factories and lose production and profit, replace workers with automated labor, or move to a country where labor cost is cheaper. Most companies will choose the option which will allow them to make the most money. This results in many companies moving to cheaper labor and the loss of U.S Jobs. Many Economists feel that even with the focus on bringing jobs back to the U.S economy, most of the jobs that have already left have gone for good because the price of labor in the US is still high.

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