Overfishing is a Big Threat !

In the article “Overfishing is a Big Threat to Humanity as it is to our Oceans” illustrates the decline of fish and other marine vertebrates– mammals, reptiles and birds– populations since the 1970. The author, Dermot O’Gorman, mentions how he saw fishers bring home fewer and fewer fish each day due to the amount of fishing that was taking place. As we get closer to 2050, it is expected that the demand for seafood will grow tremendously. However, this is a major issue for both humanity and the ocean. The more fish that are caught means the less fish in the long run for people to survive off of and it will affect the life-cycle in the ocean.

This article connects to Public Goods and The Tragedy of Commons because it shows how if there is not a restriction on people’s actions then things will get worst. An ocean is non excludable meaning nonpaying people cannot be excluded from fishing and it is nonrivial because people can use it and not stop the access of others. If there was a fine or a charge then people would be mindful about how much or how often they are fishing. If access to the ocean was excludable then populations would probably be higher.


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  1. messersi Said,

    December 11, 2016 @ 10:23 pm


    This article details many more examples of The Tragedy of Commons. It also highlights the idea that it is not always overfishing or overhunting of wildlife, but that this concept can be found in many different aspects of life.

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