U.S. Home Prices Hit New Peak

Supply and high demand forced home prices in September to a new peak nationwide.  This is hopefully the start of a new advance in housing recovery we have needed for a while now.  An example, is that in Seattle, prices jumped 11.0 percent year-by-year.  The supply for homes, however, is still fairly tight, but economists are hoping for the advantage to swing in favor of the buyers, rather than in favor of the sellers which it has been for years.


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  1. saltzbej Said,

    December 14, 2016 @ 3:32 am

    What do you think will need to change in order for the housing market to be in favor of the buyers? People are usually keen on staying put unless they really want to leave, so it would probably take a lot for people to sell their houses in high enough quantities for there to be a surplus of homes.

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