Introduction to the Nanobattery

Introduction – History of the Battery – How a Battery Works – Types of Modern Batteries – What are Nanobatteries Made of?Nanobattery Uses – What will a Nanobattery Replace – Social Effects of Nanobatteries – Economical Effects of Nanobatteries– Environmental Effects of Nanobatteries -Bibliography

•This site will seek to increase the understanding of using nanotechnology in batteries to create nanobatteries.

•“Every industry that involves manufactured items will be impacted by nanotechnology research. Everything can be made in some way better—stronger, lighter, cheaper, easier to recycle—if it’s engineered and manufactured at the nanometer scale.”                                                                                                                                 — Stan Williams, Director of Quantum Science Research, HP Labs

•There’s a big buzz today over future nanostructure devices performing specialized jobs in everything from electronics to medicine. But what’s still needed are unconventional ways to power these tiny machines.

•This link mPHASE nanobattery will show a brief introduction on nanobatteries.

Topics covered:

History of the Batteries

How a Battery Works

Types of Modern Batteries

What are Nanobatteries Made of?

Nanobattery Uses

What will a Nanobattery Replace

Social Effects of Nanobatteries

Economical Effects of Nanobatteries

Environmental Effects of Nanobatteries


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