Liquid Armor

The newest upgrade in body armor is now being developed at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory called “Liquid Armor“.  The Liquid Armor is a shear thickening fluid (STF) which is made of a combination of polyethylene glycol and hard, nano-particles of silica which allows the armor to stay in liquid form until it is struck, resulting in the armor hardening and becoming much stronger than kevlar alone.  The Liquid Armor is a combination with normal kevlar layers which are soaked in the shear thickening fluid in order for the liquid to stay in place.  When kevlar bullet proof vests are shot, the bullet will penetrate the armor but when the STF soaked kevlar is shot, the energy from the bullet will be absorbed and it will bounce off of the armor.  There will be no life threatening results from getting shot while wearing the Liquid Armor but it will feel like somebody hit you in the chest with a sledgehammer.  Another huge benefit that Liquid Armor gives you is that it is flexible enough to be worn on your arms and legs like normal clothing so it will give a greater range of protection to soldiers, police officers, prison guards, and whoever else needs protection.

Other Uses

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