Karen Kirkham, Associate Professor, Theatre Theatre and Dance

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I’d say the best indicator that Ipads worked is that over break all my students bought one!

What did you like about using the iPads in your class? I found it very useful that we could all easily access sites for class discussion and presentations. This worked since the class was small.

What didn’t you like? The temptation of having an Ipad in front of them. Sometimes they were surfing/checking email- multi-tasking…

Did they change the way you taught the course? Not yet fundamentally. I think with more practice on my end, I’d get better about how to integrate them. The app for stage directing is not very user friendly and too expensive. But basic programs aided with some of the assignments they had to do- for groundplans, etc. I had hoped they would do more recording in rehearsal- but that didn’t happen as much as I’d like. I might need to make this a “requirement”.

Did the iPads work well with your course materials? Yes on the whole.

Did your students like using the iPads? oh yes.

Which applications (apps) did you found most useful? I used stagewrite somewhat- students used basic sketch book

Did you sense that the iPads caused students to be distracted? not in a major way– again a small class I could keep them focused or catch them when they were not.

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