Comments Off on 1900-1910s

An excerpt from the Plymouth Tribune newspaper, written in 1907 by F.H. Kuhn. This excerpt discusses a bill that was signed into place in Indiana that allowed the sterilization of criminals and people in institutions without their consent and or knowledge. This law was influenced by the eugenics movement and became known as the Eugenics law of Indiana. Indiana was the first state to adopt this law and it is a prime example of forced sterilization. Understanding this law allows for an inside look into the sterilization abuse that occurred to minorities in the 20th century. Due to the fact that these “criminals” and “idiots” were seen as inferior; the supporters of the white eugenics movement did not want them to reproduce.

Written by Margaret Sanger in 1914, this letter calls attention to the censorship of the US government and the issue of them confiscating Margaret Sangers newspaper, The Women Rebel. Margaret Sanger was one of the leaders of the women’s rights movement, and she focused on women’s reproductive rights. During the 1910s there was a huge movement for women’s voting rights but not so much their reproductive rights. Margaret Sanger was key in shining light on the need of women’s reproductive rights. She makes it obvious in this public letter that attention needs to be brought to this dire issue. This letter opens American citizens eyes to the danger illegal abortion pose and she is appealing to their emotions by informing them of the deaths that have already taken place.