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World War I

Uncle Sam (as “Public Opinion”) embracing nurse (“American womanhood”) (1917) This propaganda poster was created by Morris for the Brooklyn Magazine. It was published in the Brooklyn magazine on November 10,… Read more »

World War II

We Can Do It! Poster (1942) The “We can do it” propaganda poster was created by J. Howard Miller in 1942. The poster was originally created for the Westinghouse Electric… Read more »

Cold War

NSC-68 (1950) This is an excerpt from a 58-page top-secret report that was created by the National Security Council (NSC) in 1950. The report was given to President Harry Truman… Read more »

Vietnam War

President John F. Kennedy Radio and Television Report to the American People on the Soviet Arms Buildup in Cuba (1962) This is an excerpt of a radio and television report… Read more »


Primary Sources J. Howard Miller. 1942. “We can do it!” Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, War Production Coordinating Committee. President Warren G. Harding. 1920. “Readjustment” Bridgeport, Conn. : Made by… Read more »


This project will outline how changes in American society were influenced after the United States involvement in major wars, with the main focus on women’s role and African American rights…. Read more »