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Propaganda: 1: capitalized : a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions 2: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause,… Read more »

World War 1

United States of America This World War I poster, by Stern in 1918, was published by the U.S. Treasury to convince U.S. citizens to buy government bonds to help fund… Read more »

World War II

United States of America This U.S. World War II poster that was created by the Douglas Aircraft Company directly attacks the Japanese by representing one of their weaknesses. Showing the… Read more »

Cold War

United States of America During the Red Scare, the United States took it upon themselves to help with the attempt to stop the spread on communism. This poster that was… Read more »

Vietnam War

United States of America During the Vietnam War many protests arose in the United States because it was not a war that directly impacted the U.S. and its people. Along… Read more »


Alenius, Kari. 2012. “The Successes and Failures of German War Propaganda in Estonia, 1941-1944.” Arhivele Totalitarismului 20 (1/2): 41–58. Bauch et al. Nazi German Propaganda – Adolf Hitler – Rare Confiscated Film… Read more »