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This project will display the different tactics, and demonstrations Americans have taken for fighting for equality and justice from 1910-1995. Specifically, this project will depict the various ways African Americans… Read more »

Legal Action

NAACP Recruitment Advertisement, (1968) This newspaper advertisement from 1968 displays images of prominent NAACP members/leaders. The advertisement also presents the justice the NAACP has invoked and provides information about their… Read more »


“Greensboro Four” photo, (1960) This photo displays North Carolina A&T students,¬†David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair, and Joseph McNeil sitting at Woolworth’s lunch counter. Known as the “Greensboro Four”, these… Read more »


“Girl, 15, Guilty In Bus Seat Case”, Chicago Defender, (1955) The 1955 Chicago Defender article presents the ruling of a case about a 15-year-old African American girl refusing to move… Read more »


“March On Washington” New York Amsterdam News, (1963) This New York Amsterdam News article written by Martin Luther King Jr details the plans for the March On Washington. Martin Luther… Read more »

Violent Protests

“Negro and the American Promise” (1963) This 1963 interview with Malcolm¬†X displays Malcolm X’s views on the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr’s methods, and what African Americans should… Read more »


Primary Sources A Proud Walk. March 20, 1965. Associated Press. In ‘A Proud Walk’: 3 Voices On The March From Selma To Montgomery. March 20, 2015. Accessed May 5, 2019…. Read more »