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Expansion has long been a theme in American history, ever since its creation as a country, with the idea of American Exceptionalism, or that America is unique among the world’s… Read more »


Reconstruction was an important step in helping America recover after the Civil War, shifting the power from agrarian elite to the urban centers. This article, “Constitution as Countermonument: Federalism, Reconstruction,… Read more »

Boxer Rebellion

This is an illustration, titled, “The First Duty,” from Puck Magazine, published in 1900. The image features a female figure representing “Civilization” that points to the background, while standing before… Read more »

World War I

  This source is an editorial titled, “Notes from the Capital,” author unknown, published in The Nation, in 1915. This article is commenting on the impending war that President Wilson… Read more »

Cold War This is a recording of President Truman’s 1947 speech to Congress, where he would outline his Truman Doctrine. Roosevelt’s presidency was a shift from his predecessor, FDR, appeasement and… Read more »


Since the beginning, when the founders created our country, America has had a vision of being the best nation on earth, through concepts such as manifest destiny. The federalization, and… Read more »


Primary Sources  A M60 Tank Is Unloaded from a U.S. Air Force Lockheed. 1973. In The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Baum, L. Frank. “Sitting Bull Editorial.” Editorial. The… Read more »