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Women’s suffrage movements have historically played a significant role in obtaining rights belonging to US citizens, and, throughout the decades, has been a large source of contention. Throughout the 1900s,… Read more »

Women’s Suffrage

Declaration of Sentiments Modeled after the Declaration of Independence, The Declaration of Sentiments is written to show the parallels between the struggles the Founding Fathers dealt with to those of… Read more »

Birth Control Movement

The Morality of Birth Control The birth control movement is a reform campaign that began in 1914 and worked to increase the availability of female birth control through legalization. Margaret… Read more »


Shave ‘Em Dry The 1920’s began an era of change for women’s sexuality. As women gained rights and became more empowered, women became more vocal about themselves and more open… Read more »


Primary Sources “Suffrage Sentiment of Country Shown in Vote of Congress.” The Suffragist, Vol. VII, no. 1, 1919, p. 14. Nineteenth Century Collections Online, Accessed 27 November 2018. “Votes… Read more »