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World War II

The poster depicted above shows a quote from President Roosevelt and statistics about what military items were made in 1942. The poster was created by the US government and is… Read more »

Korean War

The photo above depicts US soldiers in Korea digging a defensive perimeter. The Korean war was a conflict between north and south Korea that was a product of the Cold… Read more »

Vietnam War

The Newspaper article (not depicted above) created by the New York Times described the public response to the Vietnam war in August of 1965. The Vietnam war was a hotly contested… Read more »

The Gulf War

“television hide death very successfully” The Article describes the relationship media and the Gulf War had regarding the censorship surrounding video and photography on the ground. The Gulf War occurred… Read more »

The War on Terror

60 minutes,  a popular tv show for many Americans, did a segment dedicated to the 9/11 that highlighted the beginnings of the war on terror. This particular segment was the… Read more »


Secondary Sources Baum, Matthew A., and Philip B. K. Potter. War and Democratic Constraint: How the Public Influences Foreign Policy. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015. Hallin, Daniel C. The “uncensored… Read more »